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HKC201810 - hapi_Kaki Challenger 100 km October 2018
1 Runner (MYR80)

hapi_Kaki Challenger 2018 is a 30 days month long run challenge that allows the runner to complete a 100 km run within 30 days time frame within 30 days from registration. Busy scheduled runner will be able to find time easily to complete this simple challenge and the BEST PART - You get to have your name engraved onto the Finisher Medal!

Run Event Particular

hapi_Kaki 2018 Runs

Run Challenge

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hapi_Kaki Challenger 100 km October 2018
100 km in 30 days from registration

Within 30 Days

Venue : Run Anywhere You Want

Rules and Regulations
A. Participants below 18 years old must be accompanied by parent / guardian.
B. Participants will choose own location to perform the run requirements.
C. Participants must use a smartphone Run Tracking App such as Sports Tracker (recommended) to track your Run Record result.

D. After the run, participants must submit the Run Record result printscreen to by email within 7 days to qualify.
E. No medal will be given to the participants who failed to submit their Run Record result.
F. The organizer’s decision is final.

Prizes & Medals
All runners who complete the run and successfully submitted their Run Record results will receive a finishing medal each.

Running Package Items (inclusive)
i) 1 piece 'I am 100 km Finisher' premium merchandise T-Shirt.
ii) Finishing medal for
hapi_Kaki Challenger 100 km 2018, if you complete the run.

Run Category

Qualifying Run Challenge
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100 km
30 days within October 2018
RM 80 (1 Runner)